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Honors & Contribution

Superlative achievements resulting from continuous efforts

极速赛车全天计划数据 With its independent innovation approach, Datang Mobile has, with the support and encouragement of government, industry and business, grown rapidly. Datang Mobile regards the business sector as an integral part of the wider community, and as such seeks to fulfill its social obligations. The company undertakes various public interest and environmental protection campaigns in order to bring together individuals, business enterprises and the community as a whole to enable all sectors of society to move in harmony, and to ensure that the company continues to serve the community at a level concordant with its growth.

- In Jan, 2013, DTmobile’s TD-SCDMA Key Engineering Technology Research and Industrial Application ranked first in the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
- In Dec, 2012, DTmobile received a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Qualification Certificate Level III for being a computer information system integration corporation.
- In Jul 2012, DTmobile’s indoor and outdoor automated drive test system, AutoSPAN TE, garnered the National Key New Product 2012 award conferred by the Science and Technology Ministry and the Shanghai Outstanding Software Product 2012 title of honor.
- DTmobile’s EXPT CDG product won the Best Product and Solution Award for China Communication Network Planning Optimization 2012
- In Feb 2012, it was announced at a press conference that out of 367 invention patents DTmobile ranked in 8th position amongst domestic patent-holders
- In Jan 2012, the International Telecommunications Union officially approved TD-LTE-Advanced registered by the China Enterprise Confederation (with China Mobile and DTmobile as key contributors) as the official international 4G standard
- In Dec 2011, DTmobile received the China Technology Market Association's Outstanding Project Prize at the 5th Golden Bridge Awards.
- In Apr 2011, DTmobile’s patented Method for multi-channels estimating in the TDD CDMA system was placed second in the Beijing Invention Patent Awards at the 2nd Invention Patent Award Presentation Ceremony.
- In Feb 2011, DTmobile was conferred with the Science and Technology Ministry's 11th Five-Year Plan National Science & Technology Award for Outstanding Team Performance.
- In Jan 2011, DTmobile was responsible for the network construction of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, for which it was named the Best Project Constructor and Organizer.
- In December 2010, Datang Mobile was conferred with the 2010 Award for Leading the Standardization of the Electronics and Information Industry.
- In November 2010, the Datang Mobile base station baseband chip project was conferred with the State-sponsored National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project title.
- In September 2010, the Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA product line was recognized by the State Assets Regulatory Commission with the award of Model Team in a State-owned Enterprise
- In May 2010, Dr Wang Yingmin from Datang Mobile was honored with the title of National Model Worker.
- In January 2010, Datang Mobile was nominated to implement a national intellectual property rights trial program involving business enterprises and public authorities.
- In December 2009, a research project conducted primarily by Datang Mobile looking into the technical requirements for wireless network access equipment for 2GHz TD-SCDMA digital and cellular mobile communication networks vis a vis 35 standards won first prize in the China Standards Innovation Contribution Awards.
- In December 2009, the results of the Datang Mobile research project on equipment development and industrialization of key technology for the TD-SCDMA base station system won second prize in the national Science and Technology Progress Awards.
- In May 2009, the Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA baseband-driven macro base station (TDB36A) was recognized by the State as a product of independent innovation.
- In April 2009, Datang Mobile was recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Assets Regulatory Commission and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions with the title of Advanced State-owned Enterprise.
- In October 2008, Datang Mobile was conferred with the national High-tech Industrialization Achievement Award of the Decade.
- In February 2008, Datang Mobile was conferred with the national Advanced Patents Award.
- In February 2008, a Datang Mobile patent won the Excellence Award for Chinese Patents.
- In December 2007, Datang Mobile was named as the winner of first prize for Modern Management Innovation in State-owned Enterprises.
- In December 2007, Datang Mobile received the annual award for Pioneering Technical Applications in the Communications Industry.
- In August 2006, Datang Mobile was conferred with the Ministry of Information Industry award for Advanced Technical Innovation in the Information Industry.
- In December 2005, the Datang Mobile third generation mobile communication international standard TD-SCDM won the 2005 Achievement Award for Informatization Construction Projects in China.
- In August 2005, the Datang Mobile third generation mobile terminal was named by the Ministry of Information Industry as an Outstanding Development Fund Project in the Electronics and Information Industries.
- In September 2004, Datang Mobile was recognized by the Ministry of Personnel and the State Assets Regulatory Commission as an Advanced State-owned Enterprise.
- In July 2004, the Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA third generation mobile communications base station product was named in the listing of Key New Products of the State.
- In January 2004, the Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA third generation mobile communications technical standard won second prize in the national Science and Technology Progress Awards
- In December 2002, Datang Mobile was listed by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Information Technology as an Advanced Enterprise in the Information Industry.
- In August 2001, the Datang Group's IMT2000 TD-SCDMA mobile communications technology won the award for Key Technical Developments in the Information Industry.

Looking into the future

It can be retrospectively seen that the vigorous growth of Datang Mobile mirrors the progress of China in independent innovation.

As for the future, Datang Mobile will continue in the spirit of its firm conviction and belief in people, and advance unswervingly towards its corporate and social goals.

As a pioneer in China's telecommunications industry, Datang Mobile will persist with its historic mission, and continue on its path of independent innovation, so as to create greater value for shareholders, customers, employees and the wider community, and strive to retain its place as a leader in the mobile telecommunications industry in China and the world.

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