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General Manager's Speech

  • 极速赛车全天计划数据 Dear colleagues and friends,

    Thank you for your support for and interest and trust in DTmobile!

    As a leading solution provider in the mobile communication domain, DTmobile has always been focused on the evolution and development of TDD wireless communication technology and subsequent relevant technologies, on wireless communication solutions and the coordinated development of IOT, private industry networks and mobile internet, and on vigorously promoting the industrialization of TDD technology domestically and internationally. After more than 10 years of exploration, we have forged a development path with core technologies as the basis, capability improvement as the orientation, and value creation as the driving force; a path that aims at meeting the varied needs of customers and one that provides impetus for the development of China’s mobile communication industry.

    Today’s telecommunication industry is undergoing tremendous change, and communication technologies are increasingly impacting on people’s lives. In the light of the government’s development strategies for this emerging industry, DTmobile continues to build on its existing achievements to utilize its advantages, strengthen its innovation initiative, and enhance mobile communication technologies to provide service for the government, operators , the industry, and other emerging fields. Given the opportunities and challenges of the industry, our company manages solid, sustainable, and balanced development. We have put together a service team of an exceptionally high standard led by a strong executive force through multi-dimensional innovations and breakthroughs in standards, technology, strategy, management, and business models.

    Looking to the future, DTmobile will adhere to its values of innovation, market-orientation, integrity, and responsibility, whilst continuing to shoulder its corporate responsibilities. Driven by innovation, DTmobile will conform to international standards and base on independent intellectual properties, aiming to provide better mobile communication products and experiences for customers and the market.

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