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极速赛车全天计划数据 With the aim of contributing to the ongoing development of a harmonious society, digital communities prioritize the interests of people first, providing service designed to meet the needs of people and their communities. By means of resource integration and knowledge sharing, digital communities strive to improve the overall quality of subdistrict officials and community committee officials, as well as to improve and safeguard the general fiber and social acceptability of individual community members and of the community as a whole, in order to promote innovation with learning and to foster development with innovation. In this way, digital communities aim for the acceleration of economic development and enhancement of the image of the human landscape.


The digital communities offered by Datang Mobile has the following advantages
1.It centers on a smart and comprehensive digital community management platform, and integrates various functions including websites, wireless applications, smart video monitors, first aid for the elderly, information security and call centers. By utilizing modern technologies used in digital information processing, digital telecommunication, computing, multi-media, and networking, it realizes collection, processing, transporting and display, and a high degree of integration and sharing of community information, and mobilizes service to the community, families and individuals.
2.By using smart monitoring, it makes life and work in the community safe, comfortable and highly efficient. Through the integration of video resources, it breaks down the outdated model of isolated islands of information. It enables real-time sharing of video images among urban management offices, the municipal police bureau, police stations, and community surveillance offices. In the event of alarm or emergency, police reports can be transmitted to all surveillance terminals through the network, enabling response and coordination of all terminals as soon as the alert is detected by any one of the terminals.
3.China is now an aging society, with the proportion of the older demographic on the rise. Care and concern for the elderly in society, and ensuring they live their twilight years in comfort, is a universal aspiration, and involves multitudinous households in communities throughout the country. During the construction of the digital community, an alarm system will be installed in the homes of the elderly. In any event of danger, particularly for someone alone at home, the system can send an emergency signal to outside agencies, so that timely first-aid or emergency services can be dispatched and delivered.
4.The community call center is a small application system, with limited but comprehensive service functions. The system, which can be accessed by phoning the community committee numbers, will accommodate a certain limited number of operators. One or more members of the community committee will be rostered to answer incoming calls to the call center. By using the call center, community members can be provided with services covering security and emergency aid, family medical services, community housekeeping service, service reservation, complaints and advice.
5.To enrich the day-to-day lives of community members, we manage a range of information including up-to-date community news and the rules and regulations of the community. We can send real-time information to people's mobile phones through a wireless network, enabling them to conveniently access information about current events and notices in the community.

We use a four-layered application structure for the overall architecture of the application system, which includes a background central database, middleware service, application service and a foreground client system. The four-layered application system brings benefits to the safety, reliability and extendibility of the system.

Typical application

Overall architecture of the application system Just as a harmonious society, which emphasizes the leadership of the government, participation of the community and self rule of community members, two-way service, joint development of talent, and cultural and ideological progress, is being developed in an extensive and comprehensive manner, digital communities will also be established nationwide on a large scale. Since the orderly evolution and progress of urban communities is the direction and priority of future development, this product anticipates wide-ranging market prospects.
Innovation & Evolution
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