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Mine Perception - Use of IOT applications in the coal industry

极速赛车全天计划数据 Through a wide range of perceptual approaches, the Mine Perception, a typical application of the IOT, visualizes, digitalizes and intelligentizes entire mines along with various phenomena occurring in those mines. It integrates perception, transmission, intelligent technology, information technology (IT), modern control, information management and state-of-the-art mining and mineral processing; it digitalizes a plethora of information about mine geology, mine geography, mine construction, mine operation, safety management, product processing, transportation and sale, and mine ecology; and it creates a multi-faceted network connecting people to people, people to things and things to things. Through this network, the Mine Perception can be used to dynamically reflect and control mining operations, sustain mining development, realize highly-efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly objectives, and guarantee stability in the mine ecology.


Comprehensive control system
Based on technologies of configuration, browsing, information collection, surveillance, controlling, and arrangement, the Mine Perception offers a comprehensive automated platform encompassing alteration, insertion, expansion, and other means. This platform integrates all secondary systems, including underground power supply, safety surveillance, pumping, winch, conveyor flow, dispatching, person positioning, roof pressure, washing, wireless communication, gas inspection, and ventilation.
Operation management system
Safety management: Includes supervision over gas, production disruptions, accidents, and hazardous gases.
Operation management: Includes productive task arrangement, underground operation supervision, and process follow-up.
Key points management: Includes management over operation area continuity, high-temperature points, digging positions, workspace arrangement, gallery connection, and pit positions.
Ventilation management: Provides historical and current data, curves, images and videos concerning mining safety supervision, as well as accumulated times and duration during which gas exceeds a set limit.
Malfunction management: Refers to failures of a non-personnel kind that disrupt mining operation. Duration of disruptions, reduced output and decreased digging distance are to be calculated monthly based on the different types of accidents.
Management blogs: Consists of the planned tasks of all daily shifts, daily registration of the name of the in-mine team leader, management handover records, special arrangements, management instructions, and directives or circulars from supervisors.
Long-distance mining measurement control system
The system monitors coal output and sales amount by means of production management. The system enhances government management and supervision over mines, and enables government departments to be kept informed about current mining operations and management. In this way, the government can measure and monitor coal output, impose the tax levy, and ensure the collection of all receivable taxes.
Innovation & Evolution
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